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Pollster Frank Luntz recently warned that New York Attorney General Letitia James’ efforts to seize former President Donald Trump’s properties could devastate Democrats in the upcoming election. Trump recently failed to secure the $464 million appeal bond he needed in a recent New York civil fraud judgment against him. Trump’s legal team stated that obtaining the required amount of money was a “practical impossibility under the circumstances presented.” James threatened to seize Trump’s assets and suggested he should sell off his real estate holdings, which Trump’s attorney Clifford S. Robert argued was unconstitutional.

During a Friday night appearance on CNN, Luntz warned that any efforts to seize Trump’s assets may result in Trump being reelected in November. Luntz suggested that if the New York attorney general starts to take away Trump’s homes and assets, it will be highly publicized and may create a sense of victimhood that could boost Trump’s ratings and aid in his reelection. Luntz, a Republican political strategist, criticized Trump’s critics as being “stupid” and running a poor campaign, leading to Trump’s rise in the polls in key swing states.

Luntz further emphasized that Trump’s critics should be thankful that those orchestrating his loss are ineffective and do not understand the American people. He highlighted that in seven swing states, Trump is leading by the margin of error in five out of seven, suggesting that Trump’s critics are not effectively countering his rise in popularity. Luntz warned that if Trump’s assets are seized, he may use it as proof of a conspiracy against him by the federal government and the Washington establishment, further solidifying his support and potentially securing his presidency in the upcoming election.

A Fox News Poll released on Mar. 3 found that Trump currently holds a 2-point advantage over Biden. With the presidential election scheduled for Nov. 5, the potential impact of the ongoing legal battles between Trump and the New York Attorney General on the election outcome remains uncertain. Trump’s failure to secure the required appeal bond and the looming threat of asset seizure by James have heightened tensions between the former president, his legal team, and the New York Attorney General, setting the stage for a contentious legal battle that may have significant ramifications for the upcoming election. The fate of Trump’s properties and his political future hang in the balance as both sides continue to clash over the legality and consequences of potential asset seizure.

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