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Professional golfer Jon Rahm and his wife, Kelley Cahill, announced that they are expecting their third child in a post on Instagram, where Rahm also shared a photo of an ultrasound. The couple posed with their two eldest sons, Kepa and Eneko in the portrait. The announcement was met with congratulations and well-wishes from Rahm’s golf peers, including Sergio Garcia and Michelle Wie West. Rahm and Cahill met in college at Arizona State University, started dating in 2016, and got engaged two years later. Rahm expressed certainty that Cahill would say yes when he proposed, as they had already been living together and felt like a married couple.

The couple exchanged vows in December 2019 in Spain and announced Cahill’s first pregnancy a year later. Their first son, Kepa, was born in April 2021, followed by Eneko in August 2022. Rahm expressed gratitude for their second healthy son in a post on Instagram in Spanish, and spoke of the joy of being a family of four. Despite becoming parents, Rahm has continued to compete in golf tournaments, with Cahill often bringing their boys to watch his rounds. After winning the Genesis Invitational in February 2023, Rahm expressed his happiness at having his family there to share in the celebration, with a photo showing him holding the trophy while Kepa sat on his shoulders and Cahill held Eneko.

Raham and Cahill’s relationship has been built on a strong foundation of love and commitment, with the golfer stating that they had already been living together and felt like a married couple before officially getting engaged. The couple met in college and have been together since 2016, supporting each other throughout their careers and personal lives. Rahm has continued to excel in his professional golfing career, even after becoming a father of two young sons. Cahill has also been actively involved in their family life, often bringing their children to watch Rahm compete, showing their mutual support and dedication to each other and their family.

The couple’s journey into parenthood has been a joyous one, with the arrival of Kepa and Eneko bringing immense happiness and gratitude to their lives. Rahm has shared moments of their family life on social media, expressing their gratitude for their healthy children and the joy of being parents. The couple’s strong bond has been evident in their support for each other and the joy they find in raising their children together. Rahm’s golfing success has also continued, with his family often present to share in his victories and celebrate his accomplishments.

Rahm’s dedication to his family and his golfing career has been evident in his success on the fairway and the joy he finds in raising his children with Cahill. The couple’s love for each other and their family has remained a constant source of support and happiness throughout their journey into parenthood. Rahm’s professional success in golf has continued to grow, with his family often by his side to share in his victories and support his career. Rahm and Cahill’s family is expanding with the announcement of their third child, and their love and commitment to each other continues to be the foundation of their growing family.

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