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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated their daughter Princess Lilibet’s third birthday with a special party, a few days before her actual birth date. The couple invited their closest loved ones and friends to attend the event, which took place over the weekend. Meghan had previously gushed about Lilibet while visiting Nigeria, noting that her daughter was about to turn 3 and sharing a sweet moment where Lilibet told her, “Mama, I see me in you.”

Meghan reflected on the moment with Lilibet, where the toddler saw her reflection in her mother’s eyes, and noted that she saw herself in all the students at Lightway Academy as well. Since Harry and Meghan stepped back from their official royal duties in 2020, the royal family has not acknowledged Lilibet or Archie’s birthdays. Royal correspondent Danielle Stacey explained that the institution typically only posts public messages for working members of the family, and Harry and Meghan no longer carry out royal duties.

Archie also did not receive a birthday message in May, along with other members of the royal family who are not actively working royals. While Lilibet and Archie did not receive public acknowledgment on their birthdays, Harry himself received a special birthday treat during his trip to Germany for the Invictus Games in September 2023. During the Poland vs. Germany volleyball match, the crowd serenaded him with a rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Despite the lack of official royal recognition on their birthdays, Harry and Meghan celebrated Lilibet’s third birthday with a special party surrounded by loved ones. The couple has been focusing on their own endeavors since stepping back from their royal roles, with Meghan continuing her philanthropic work and Harry’s involvement in the Invictus Games. Lilibet and Archie are growing up away from the public eye, and their parents are ensuring that they have normal, happy childhoods.

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