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Rotem Eylor, founder and CEO of Republic Floor, emphasizes the importance of defining and staying committed to company values throughout the life cycle of a business. In the pre-launch phase, crafting strong values can help differentiate a new business from the competition and attract consumers and investors who resonate with these values. These values also serve as a guiding force to help businesses stay focused and make informed decisions as they navigate the challenges of early growth.

As businesses transition into a growth phase, there is a risk of pushing values to the background in pursuit of rapid expansion. Hiring quickly and focusing on short-term metrics of success can lead to a disconnect between the company’s core values and its actions, potentially alienating employees and customers. This shift away from values can raise questions about the integrity of the business and have long-term consequences for its stability and reputation.

Failure to uphold company values can result in employee disengagement and loss of trust from both employees and customers. Values provide purpose and direction to employees, making them feel connected to a greater goal beyond profit margins. Strong company values, like those exemplified by Apple, can foster loyalty among customers who appreciate and identify with the brand’s ethos, ensuring long-term success and growth.

Maintaining a strong commitment to values is essential for healthy growth and to create a positive company culture. Values should be actively shared and reinforced through recruitment, training, and recognition programs. By aligning actions with values and demonstrating integrity in decision-making, businesses can build trust with stakeholders and attract top talent who are drawn to a strong company culture.

Evolving with integrity involves constantly revisiting and reaffirming company values, and integrating them into every aspect of the business. In times of growth, staying true to values can be a catalyst for long-term success and prosperity. As businesses face opportunities for expansion and development, a steadfast commitment to values can serve as a compass for strategic decision-making and leadership alignment, ultimately leading to sustainable growth and stakeholder loyalty.

Rotem Eylor’s insights highlight the importance of values in guiding a business’s growth trajectory and ensuring its long-term success. By prioritizing values, businesses can build a strong foundation for culture, leadership, and customer loyalty, ultimately driving healthy growth and prosperity in today’s competitive market landscape.

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