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Bella Thorne recently took on a new role as a youth ambassador with amfAR, a position that she considers to be one of the most meaningful in her career. She views it as an opportunity to make a difference, particularly for young people who need support and guidance. Thorne was inspired to take on this role after learning about troubling statistics related to HIV, such as it being the third leading cause of death for women in their reproductive years. This realization motivated Thorne to become more involved in raising awareness and educating younger generations about the importance of staying safe.

To help spread awareness, Thorne and her team have produced six PSAs that will be released throughout the year, with one premiering at the amfAR Gala. These PSAs aim to educate Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X about amfAR’s mission and how they can get involved. Thorne’s preparation for the gala included drawing inspiration from vintage styles of Cannes in the ’70s and ’80s, blending classic Old Hollywood with grungy sleek looks that reflect the spirit of amfAR and the event itself. Her hair and makeup team worked to create a balance of elegance and chicness while still showcasing Thorne’s personality.

Thorne is known for doing things her way, and she takes a hands-on approach to prepping her skin before events. Her makeup artist adds a touch of glow to her meticulous canvas, while her stylist creates lived-in waves using Balmain Hair products. Thorne aimed for a look that exuded elegance and chicness while still staying true to her personal style. As she prepared for the gala, Thorne expressed excitement about the event and the opportunity to celebrate and fundraise for a cause that is close to her heart.

For Thorne, her role as a youth ambassador with amfAR is more than just a title; it’s a chance to advocate for infectious diseases, education, and social justice issues. Having faced her own challenges, she understands the importance of having someone in your corner and hopes to be that person for others. Thorne is committed to using her voice to raise awareness and bring about real change, empowering the next generation to speak up and make a difference. She believes in creating inclusive and supportive communities where everyone feels valued and heard, making it a significant part of her mission as a youth ambassador with amfAR.

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