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Radious is a Portland startup that allows residential properties to be used as collaborative workspaces, helping companies find remote work and meeting locations for distributed teams. Previously operating in Portland, San Francisco, and Milwaukee, Radious has expanded its services nationwide, including Seattle. Founded in June 2021 during the pandemic, Radious aims to provide remote workers with alternative workspaces within their neighborhoods, allowing hosts to rent out their properties for the day without overnight stays, thereby generating extra income.

Co-founded by Amina Moreau, Brian Hendrickson, and iLan Epstein, Radious participated in the third season finale of GeekWire’s “Elevator Pitch” startup competition. The company’s new curation service, launched earlier this month after an eight-month pilot, involves tailoring workspaces to the specific needs of companies, such as location, technical requirements, and number of people. Despite no extra charge for the personalized service, Radious saw a 20% increase in bookings and more than doubled revenue. The service has significantly expanded access to workspace options across the country, attracting teams looking for longer, multi-day bookings and unique workspaces.

Radious’ CEO, Amina Moreau, emphasizes the importance of personalized experiences for teams looking to make bigger commitments, acknowledging that the curation service caters to those seeking extended bookings or larger workspaces. As the company embraces flexible work solutions in response to the evolving post-pandemic workplace landscape, Moreau suggests that companies do not need to mandate a full return to the office, allowing employees to choose when to work onsite. This approach, she believes, will help companies win in the ongoing talent war. In Seattle, office vacancy rates are rising as tech companies adopt hybrid and remote-friendly work policies, leading to a surplus of vacant office space that may be repurposed for residential use.

With the changing dynamics of the workplace, Radious sees an increasing demand for personalized workspace solutions that cater to distributed teams and remote workers. By expanding its marketplace for collaborative workspaces to cities across the U.S., Radious is addressing the needs of companies transitioning to flexible work arrangements post-pandemic. The company’s curation service, tailored to the specific requirements of teams, has proven successful in driving bookings and revenue growth while providing access to a wider range of workspace options nationwide. As the workplace continues to evolve, Radious remains at the forefront of the shift towards remote-friendly workspaces that prioritize flexibility and personalized experiences for employees.

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