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With $20 and a nice apology, a customer returns a book to the library after 44 years of borrowing it.


A children’s book has returned to the library, nearly half a century after it was borrowed. A package was sent to the German public library containing a book overdue, after it was borrowed in 1979, with a donation of $20, accompanied by a “nice” apology for the delay in returning it.

The book is titled “The Hockey Game” and was borrowed from an unknown customer on April 25, 1979, according to the loan card stamped on the front page. Fortunately, the German offices do not impose a fine for the late return of the book, but the customer who borrowed the book returned with him a donation of $ 20 in compensation for the trouble he caused to the library.

Staff said receiving the package was like getting a “literary time capsule” and posted the news of the book’s return online as a reminder to anyone with overdue books.

The library workers were surprised when they received the package from an unknown source and took out the book from inside with an apology, and saw the donation attached to it.

The text of the apology sent, “To Whom It May Concern, I deeply apologize. This book should have been returned in the seventies of the last century. Please accept my apologies.”

The office workers spread the news of the book’s return on the occasion of National Book Return Week and wrote with it a text saying, “We received a package containing a book that was borrowed from 1979, about the game of hockey.” In addition to a sweet apology, explaining that the book was borrowed 45 years ago, it was It’s like getting a ‘literary time capsule’ and remember we don’t charge fines for books returned late.”

German office operations manager Myra Korn told Inside Edition news magazine that returning the book was “a great opportunity to spread the story of the book’s return to the public.”

Mayra said that the book “The Hockey Game” will be published in the administrative offices of the office, as a reminder that no matter how late the book is, it is better to return it and it is not too late, no matter how long it takes.

This story delighted reading lovers all over the world, and one of them said online, “Better late than never,” and another joked, “I bet his mother was happy that her son finally decided to clean his room.” “I wonder if this person has become a collector now,” said a third.