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Until the mentality changes


It is really good to see new names in the list of our first national team, in an effort to give the opportunity to the largest number of players to start the process of supplementing Al-Abyad with additions.

However, it is unfortunate at the same time that there are players who joined the list, between the ages of 22 and 26, who were participating regularly at the level of the national teams up to the Olympic, and then did not find the opportunity with the first, because of our reliance for a very long time on the generation of the London Olympics 2012, which is what Created a generational divide.

Because it is assumed that when the player reaches the age of 26, he must have a large number of international matches at the level of the first team, but most of the currently available names do not have this experience, and therefore they need more patience, confidence and friction to gain practice.

But the question remains: Is this team capable of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup? What we’re seeing on the ground and looking at the competitors: The answer is no, for many different reasons.

First, we hope that we do not repeat previous mistakes in the issue of succession of generations, because the randomness that occurred in the past years is still reaping its fruits, and we hope that the issue of changing coaches will not continue with every failure, because it is impossible for coaches to bear all the negative results that occurred over the past years, and to link Our teams fail with coaches only.

Since the Football Association has agreements with many and developed federations, we want to try to implement their successful experiences, so that we have a clear strategy that does not change with each new administration, but rather develops from one period to another, because this matter harmed us a lot in previous years, and the evidence is visions, plans and press conferences. Which we have seen previously in the media and we have not seen its results at all.

We have all the capabilities available, but we always make things difficult for ourselves in football, relying on unstudied opinions, for example, he gave Argentine coach Rodolfo Aruabarina a plan to build the national team for the upcoming benefits, because we will not be patient with him, not to mention that he does not have experience at the level teams, and will be dismissed at the earliest fall.

• Is the current national team capable of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup? The answer is no.

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