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The tragedy of “Rayyan” is being repeated. A child falls into a 120-meter-deep well in Syria


The incident of the Moroccan child Rayan, who fell into a well last year and died despite many hours of search and rescue operations, was repeated today in the Syrian city of Kobani, after an 8-year-old child fell in the village of Dihaban in an artesian well with a depth of 120 meters.

According to the Syrian Observatory, attempts to rescue the child in the village have been going on for hours. The child is stuck 40-50 meters deep inside the well, while the rescuers have only primitive tools used in digging artesian wells, due to the lack of modern equipment.

A video clip showed dozens of villagers and rescue teams gathering, trying to get him out of the water that flooded the well.

It is noteworthy that the Moroccan child Rayan died in a similar accident when he fell on February 1, 2022 in a well in the village of Ighran, Chefchaouen province in northern Morocco, followed by intensive rescue attempts, but the accident ended with the announcement of his death on February 5.

The accident occurred when the five-year-old fell into a deep well near his house and remained stuck in it at a depth of 32 meters for five days, amid follow-up from Arab and international media, during which a joint rescue operation took place between civil protection personnel and rescue, soil and topography experts, in an energetic effort to save him.