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The Red Cross is able to deliver supplies to Khartoum hospitals


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) managed to deliver vital surgical supplies to seven hospitals in Khartoum, and the head of the ICRC delegation in Sudan, Alfonso Perez, said yesterday that only 20% of health facilities in Khartoum are still operating, indicating that hospitals are in dire need of water. And electricity and a safe environment for its patients and employees, calling on the parties in Sudan to respect the work of medical personnel.

He added that the supplies included anesthetics, antibiotics, bandages, sutures and syringes that could treat hundreds of people seriously wounded by weapons.

Peres stressed that the International Committee of the Red Cross cooperates closely with the Sudanese Red Crescent Society, whose volunteers assist all parties to facilitate medical evacuations of the wounded and continue to remind the parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law.