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The death toll from a train accident in India has risen to 288


The death toll from the collision of three trains in the state of Odisha in eastern India has risen to at least 288, and more than 850 injured as a result of the accident that occurred yesterday evening, amid fears that there are many trapped under the carriages.

And the French Press Agency (AFP) quoted Sudancho Sarangi, Director General of Fire Fighting Services in the state of Odisha, as saying today that the death toll is rising due to the large number of serious injuries and head injuries, while the local official in Odisha state, Pradeep Gina, confirmed that relief work is continuing, and the highest priority. Now she is rescuing passengers and providing sanitary support to the wounded.

Amitabh Sharma, director of Indian Railways, revealed that the accident occurred between two trains and a freight train that was parked at the site where the collision occurred.

Relief teams are working to pull injured people from the wreckage, amid fears of a high death toll.