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The Constitutional Court in Kuwait decides to invalidate the 2022 National Assembly elections


The Kuwaiti Constitutional Court ruled in its session today, Sunday, to invalidate the National Assembly (2022) for the invalidity of the decree dissolving the parliament, and restoring the 2020 parliament.

In the operative part of the ruling, the court decided to invalidate the entire election process that took place last September in the five constituencies, and to invalidate the membership of those who declared their victory in it, due to the invalidity of the dissolution of the National Assembly, and the invalidity of the call for voters to elect members of the National Assembly on the basis of which these elections took place, with the consequences that follow. The most important of which is that the dissolved parliament, by the power of the constitution, regain its constitutional authority, as if the solution did not exist.

On March 8, the Constitutional Court decided to reserve electoral appeals in all electoral districts for ruling on the 19th of the same month.