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Tebboune orders an investigation into the deterioration of sea and air transport in Algeria


Today, Sunday, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune ordered the government to open an immediate investigation to hold all those responsible for the deterioration of the maritime and air cargo transport sector accountable at all levels and responsibilities.

In a statement published on its social media page, following Tebboune’s presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Algerian presidency revealed today a roadmap for developing the national fleet for sea and air transport of goods.

President Tebboune’s plan, in addition to holding accountable those responsible for “the deterioration of this strategic sector, at all levels and responsibilities”, includes merging the two government companies “Kenan Mediterranean” and “Kenan North”, which are specialized in maritime transport, into one company. In addition to a radical review of the structure and policy of maritime transport of goods, at all levels, in order to qualify it, and to present a draft of the new management strategy within a month.

Tebboune directed, by all means, to work for a technical settlement of Algerian ships in international ports, in cooperation between Algerian ambassadors in the concerned countries and transport sector officials. With paving the way for Algerian expertise specialized in the navy, especially qualified youth and veterans in this field, to create companies in the field of ship repair.

President Tebboune ordered a review of the way state-owned Algerian airlines operate, according to a modern scheme with international standards, and the revitalization of air navigation in the various airports of the country, as strategic structures capable of revitalizing air traffic.

He also gave instructions to prepare for the completion of the process of acquiring new aircraft as soon as possible, within the framework of renewing the Algerian air fleet, provided that the next cabinet meeting decides on the file.