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Stripping and beating 14 workers in harsh scenes that provoke a wave of anger in Lebanon


Shocking scenes, in which an employer appears in a village in Lebanon, beating and insulting 14 workers, after stripping them of their clothes, sparked a wave of anger in the Lebanese street, prompting the security services to open an investigation into the incident, and to issue a warrant to bring the assailant..

The employer accused the affected workers of stealing a sum of money, so he resorted to stripping them, beating them and photographing them for further humiliation..

On the other hand, relatives of some workers, Lebanese and Syrians, claimed that the aggressor wanted to evade paying their dues after working for 4 continuous days collecting cherries, so he resorted to this accusation to evade workers’ dues..

For its part, the security forces said in a statement yesterday evening, Wednesday, that the incident occurred in the town of Aqoura, which is one of the villages in the Jbeil District of Mount Lebanon Governorate..

It also clarified that a Lebanese citizen filed a complaint 3 days ago before the town’s police station, claiming that a group of workers stole from him an amount of 100 million Lebanese pounds, so he transferred his complaint to Jounieh police station for investigation..

However, as soon as those insulting clips spread during the past hours, the security moved and opened an investigation into the incident, and the judiciary also issued a warrant to bring the assailant..

It is noteworthy that these insulting scenes sparked a wave of anger on the communication sites, while many activists criticized the repeated incidents of mistreatment of displaced Syrians in the country..

Since the start of the Syrian war, Lebanon has received nearly two million Syrians, some of whom lived in separate camps in various regions. However, with the recent unprecedented deterioration in living and economic conditions, official demands have escalated to return them to safe areas in Syria..