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Security breach of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s convoy


The convoy of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was subjected to a security breach, as a private car driver escorted the convoy without permission, and hugged Schulz after he got out of his car without the timely intervention of the bodyguards, according to a report by the German newspaper “Bild” issued yesterday.

A German government spokesman said in response to an inquiry: “I can confirm the report in substance.”

A spokeswoman for the Federal Office of Criminal Police said in statements to the newspaper: “No one was injured. Federal police arrested the man at Frankfurt Airport without resistance.”

According to the newspaper report, the man’s car managed to pass the airport security barrier with a car not registered in the convoy, and when Schultz got out of his car, the man rushed towards him, shook hands and hugged him.

Schulz allowed this to happen, and only at this moment did the bodyguards and police of the Federal Criminal Police Office pay attention to the potentially dangerous situation and arrested the man, the newspaper reported.