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Netanyahu secretly met Israeli and Italian spies in an Italian restaurant before the “clients’ disaster”


The “agents’ catastrophe,” as the Israeli press calls it, continues to reveal more secrets behind the killing of a Mossad officer in Italy.

newspaper said,corriere“Italian Inn Restaurant”Il verbanoThe prestigious on an island in Lake Maggiore hosted an end-of-mission lunch for Mossad agents with their Italian colleagues on May 28, hours before the catastrophe of the boat carrying 13 Mossad members and 8 Italian agents, secretly frequented by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, capsized.

The restaurant is located on an island Fishermen’s Island By the eastern shore of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy, near the border with Switzerland.

The newspaper reported that Netanyahu would arrive by helicopter after being checked and approved by divers, and would stop there to eat without staying at the luxury hotel next door.

It reported that Netanyahu visited the restaurant several times and was among the “secret” guests.

She explained that it appears that the 21 Israeli and Italian spies came to the restaurant in the context of my operations, to indicate “the successful completion of an operation whose details were not disclosed.”

She noted that the area where the restaurant is located is popular with many Israeli tourists.

And it indicated that in recent days, it was reported that Mossad personnel were in an operation aimed at preventing the arrival of nuclear technology to Iran, and it appears that the operation ended successfully before the sinking disaster occurred.

The Israeli authorities officially acknowledged the killing of a Mossad officer in the sinking of a tourist boat in an Italian village.

“The coffin of a Mossad pensioner who was killed in the boat tragedy, due to bad weather, on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy, arrived in Israel this morning,” the statement from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said on May 31.

“Due to his service with the agency, no further details are available,” the statement added.