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Lebanon’s bishops warn of attacks of a factional or sectarian nature


Yesterday, the Maronite bishops in Lebanon called for a follow-up investigation into the Beirut port explosion case, warning of an increase in attacks of a factional or sectarian nature in the country.

The bishops said, in a statement they issued after their monthly meeting yesterday, that they are following with great astonishment and regret the raging conflict in the judiciary, which threatens to obstruct the course of justice, especially with regard to revealing the truth about the Beirut port bombing.

He called on the bishops to neutralize this issue from political tensions, considering that “the judiciary is the pillar of the state of right and institutions, without which it is controlled by the people of influence and dictatorships, and chaos and the law of the jungle prevail.”

The bishops called on the parliament to expedite the initiative to hold the electoral session, whose mechanism and conditions were stipulated in the constitution to choose a new head of state, warning that “the general conditions are on the brink of a complete catastrophic collapse, which no force may be able to confront.”

And they announced that they are watching “with great concern the dangerous manipulation of the national currency exchange rates, which leads to insane increases in the prices of life and living materials, which prevents most Lebanese from securing their needs from them,” calling on the competent authorities to quickly provide the required remedies.

They pointed to the “increasing phenomena of imbalance in the security situation,” calling on “the military and security authorities to take the necessary measures to put an end to it, especially since the attacks are of a factional or sectarian nature.”

The bishops considered that the country “can no longer tolerate it, and signs of popular anger must come if the authorities’ contract, work and cooperation for the good of the country and the citizens are not completed.”