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It may spark a civil war… Ukrainian division over the agreement with Russia


Ukrainian Parliament member Alexander Dubinsky said that Ukraine is divided over the crisis with Russia, adding that signing an agreement with Moscow would spark a civil war.

According to the Russian agency “Novosti”, Dubinsky explained that there are those in Ukraine who are ready to do anything in order to return to a peaceful life, but there is a large part of the people who oppose any concessions and agreements with Russia, which would be the cause of a civil war in the event. An agreement has been reached.

“Any signing of an agreement (with Russia) could lead to a civil war on the territory of Ukraine,” the Ukrainian parliamentarian said on his YouTube channel.

He added that there is a large part of people who are “against concessions” that can be made to Russia, but there is also a part of those who are “ready to agree to everything in order to return to a peaceful life.”

It should be noted that even before the start of the special military operation, the Russian leadership announced its readiness to search for a solution with Kyiv through negotiations.

With the start of the special military operation, Western countries, led by the United States of America, began pumping weapons into Ukraine and supplying the Kyiv regime with large quantities of military equipment.

Russia has warned that supplying weapons to Ukraine will lead to more destruction and will not contribute to launching negotiations that would put an end to military actions.