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Israel revokes the work permits of 200 Gaza residents and imposes a closure on Jenin


The Israeli Internal Security Agency (Shin Bet) said yesterday that Israel canceled 200 of the 15,500 work permits issued to Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to work in its territory, after accusing a worker of planning to carry out an explosion.

The agency added that the suspect was arrested on October 30, and that he told investigators that his relatives in Islamic Jihad had recruited him to plant a bomb on a bus in southern Israel.

The security service said that an Israeli court had charged the suspect. It is not yet clear if a lawyer has been assigned to defend him or how he will respond to the charges leveled against him.

The Shin Bet said that Israel’s response included the withdrawal of about 200 work permits for workers with close ties to militants. “The attempt by groups to exploit the jobs of workers in Israel to carry out attacks that threaten the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of residents of the Gaza Strip,” Defense Minister Benny Gantz wrote in a tweet.

On the other hand, the Israeli army imposed, at dawn yesterday, a closure on the city of Jenin in the West Bank, preventing the movement of goods and commodities until further notice. The official Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) quoted Palestinian security sources as saying that the army authorities closed the Al-Jalama and Salem military checkpoints leading to Jenin in both directions “until further notice.” This comes in light of the tension witnessed in Jenin in recent hours, against the backdrop of Palestinian gunmen detaining the body of an Israeli youth two days ago, after he was killed in a traffic accident.

And Hebrew media confirmed that the body of the Israeli youth was handed over to the Israeli Civil Administration, after talks conducted by the Palestinian Authority and mediated by the United Nations.