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In the video, the residents of this city own more private planes than cars


It’s always nice to see streets full of parking and cars, but have you ever seen streets full of planes and hangars?

Well, you will be excited to know that there is a city where everyone owns their own private jet and uses their luxury private jets for travel and work.

Cameron Airport is a city in California where everyone has planes.

Residential stadiums or apartment complexes, such as Cameron Airpark, are privately owned, and outsiders are not allowed to use the property without permission, and only allowed if invited by the owners.

This way of life dates back to the period after World War II when many airports were left untouched and the Air Force stepped in to develop them into residential airfields for retired military pilots.

After the steady increase in the number of pilots and the development of the city, this residential area, which was built in 1963, currently consists of 124 houses and everyone owns planes and hangars. Roads are paved up to 100 feet wide, to allow planes to land directly in front of residents’ homes and to allow access to airports.

Cameron Airpark, a residential airport in California, became an airfield known to many people via a video on TikTok.

After Cameron Park, there are other wild planes to pilot like the 1940s. featuring Spruce Creek Florida has about 650 aircraft, including everything from private jets to historic aircraft.

Consists Spruce Creek Of nearly 5,000 residents, 1,300 homes and 700 hangars enjoy an exceptional life in this amazingly classified city centered on a private airport.

There are many air parks such as the “Cameron Air Fields” in the United States.

You can view 426 residential aerial parks. It is also estimated that there are 52 weather parks in Florida, 50 in Washington, 28 in California, and 23 in Oregon.