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Guterres calls for urgent action to combat the shortage of drinking water


As the United Nations Water Conference draws to a close, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has called on the international community to take urgent action to combat global drinking water shortages.

“All humanity’s hopes for the future depend in some way on charting a new path based on science,” Guterres said on the last day of the conference, which was held in New York three days ago.

“The aspirations of humanity depend on the realization of the comprehensive, transformative commitments on the part of Member States and others at this conference,” the UN Secretary-General added.

The international conference, which began last Wednesday, is the first international meeting since 1977 to deal exclusively with the issue of water.

The conference focused on whether the United Nations clean water goals could be met.

The World Water Report, published on Wednesday, described progress made in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as insufficient.

The report said the growing environmental problems and economic hardship associated with more polluted clean water meant that drinking water shortages continued to worsen.