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Gravestones without names… Syrians are searching for their loved ones who were lost in the earthquake


White marble tombstones are scattered in a cemetery in Syria, one of which is of a girl who was killed in an earthquake last month, but the strange witness does not bear the name of the deceased, but rather indicates in a simple phrase that she is “a child wearing a green sweater.”

Those who buried the body were guided to this phrase in the hope that this description would be a guide that would help its family, if they were still alive, to reach the resting place of their missing daughter.

In the cemetery of the town of Jenderes in northern Syria, up to 70 unidentified bodies lie since the devastating earthquake that occurred on the sixth of last February.

Maysara al-Hussein, who is in charge of managing the cemetery, said that people who bury the unidentified victims sometimes take pictures of their faces. He added, “There are entire families buried here, and the percentage of unknowns is approximately 50 percent.”

Al-Hussein showed clips and photos of people visiting the cemetery in search of their lost loved ones. Occasionally, he is able to recognize a person and guide his family to his gravestone, but most of the time, he is unable to help them and directs them to other tombs to continue their arduous search and sad journey.