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Gaziantep.. Hope is fading to find people alive


Survivor Ebru Firat (23 years old) hopes to find her aunt alive under the rubble of the building she lives in after it collapsed as a result of the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, confirming that she expects to see her dead.

It took 24 hours before diggers and sniffer dogs began working on the ruins of the Firat building in Gaziantep, near the epicenter of the first earthquake, which had a magnitude of 7.8.

The survivor says, “It is too late. We expect to see them dead,” while the extreme cold reduces the chances of survival.

The death toll from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria rose to more than 9,500 on Wednesday, official figures showed, as rescue workers were still trying to find survivors trapped under the rubble.

Firat also realizes that the chances of finding her cousin alive under the rubble of her collapsed building in Kamel Square near Gaziantep are fading.

It is not just Virat who is losing hope. Hundreds of people are waiting in front of the rubble, grieving for their loved ones.