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Biden is wrong about the number of his 5 granddaughters


US President Joe Biden said he has four granddaughters, while he actually has five granddaughters. During his speech at the White House, on Friday. The president appears to have ignored the fifth granddaughter, his son’s undisclosed child, whose story was reported in the local media. It was the latest big mistake for the 80-year-old president, as his critics increasingly attack him for his age and penchant for mistakes.

And when hosting the championship-winning women’s basketball team at the White House on Friday, Biden said that “all the real athletes in his family are women,” noting that he has four granddaughters, although he did not mention any of them.

The US president made the comment while praising the rise of women’s sports in the United States, saying, “The way women’s sports have come about is unbelievable.”

It comes just weeks after an Arkansas judge ordered the president’s son, Hunter Biden, to answer questions about his finances in a child support dispute with London Roberts – the mother of his four-year-old daughter – to whom he has never publicly acknowledged, according to media. different notification.

Meanwhile, Biden has come under fire for a series of gaffes and slurred words in recent months, while Republican lawmakers have questioned his cognitive abilities ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

And if Biden is elected for a second term, Biden, who launched his campaign last month, will be 86 years old if he completes that period, making him the oldest president in US history (former President Ronald Reagan – the second oldest president – was 77 years old).

Earlier in May, Biden told reporters he planned to hold a “big press conference” later that day, which the White House staff clarified, saying he was referring to a scheduled interview.

Biden has been criticized for a series of gaffes and stumbled words in recent months.