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America resumes reconnaissance with drones over the Black Sea


Two US officials said that the United States has resumed reconnaissance flights with drones over the Black Sea region, after a Russian fighter intercepted a US reconnaissance drone last Tuesday that led to its downing.

Reuters quoted officials as saying that an RQ-4 Global Hawk plane flew on a mission to the region the day before yesterday, and one of them added that it was the first drone flight since Tuesday’s incident.

The downing of a US MQ-9 drone last Tuesday was the first direct incident between the United States and Russia since the start of the Ukraine war, exacerbating already strained relations between Washington and Moscow and the two countries publicly exchanging blame.

Russia denied the American accusations that its Su-24 fighter plane acted recklessly around the American drone, but rather blamed what it described as “reckless maneuvers” for the crash of the drone, but the US Department of Defense “The Pentagon” published a video clip showing a fighter plane. A Russian woman comes very close to the drone and dumps fuel near it, while US officials said it was an apparent attempt to harm the American plane while it was flying.

The clip showed the loss of the video broadcast after a maneuver of another nearby Russian plane, which Washington said was the result of a Russian plane colliding with the drone, and the video clip ends with the damaged drone engine.