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A European emergency plan to avoid a repeat of the “Ocean Viking” crisis


Two weeks after the Franco-Italian crisis over the humanitarian ship “Ocean Viking”, the European interior ministers, during a meeting in Brussels, agreed on an action plan, seeking not to repeat the crisis.

The meeting, which was held at the request of Paris, came in the wake of the recent crisis with Rome over the humanitarian ship “Ocean Viking” and the 234 migrants on board. The ship eventually docked in France on November 11, exceptionally, after the Italian government refused to receive it.

Upon his arrival to the meeting, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin reiterated that “France will not receive asylum seekers arriving in Italy as long as Rome does not respect the law of the sea.”

The plan proposes 20 measures aimed specifically at strengthening cooperation with coastal countries to prevent departures from their lands, as well as intensifying deportations of illegal immigrants, and improving coordination between countries and non-governmental organizations concerned with rescuing migrants.