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A draft resolution in the Russian Duma to abolish the list of professions prohibited for women


A group of deputies from the New People’s Party (New People’s Party) in the Russian State Duma, headed by deputy Sardana Avksenteva, has submitted a bill proposing to abolish professions that are prohibited for women.

According to the Russian agency “Tass”, the initiative proposes to revoke Article 253 of the Russian Labor Code on “ensuring protection of women’s health in certain jobs”, as the article of the Labor Code in Russia is the “main article of internal laws” that approves the list of professions prohibited for women. .

According to the owners of the project, it was developed in order to “remove the legal basis for occupational and economic discrimination against women,” as the list of prohibited professions “limits their ability to obtain significant income in connection with their involvement in petrochemical, mining, and metallurgical industries, which results in women having to At working age to work in industries where wages are lower, which leads to women being forced to work in industries that pay lower wages than men who are legally accepted in these professions, and then women receive a lower pension later.

In addition, the New People’s Party considers the prohibition of some professions to be unreasonable, such as women’s work as firefighters, machine operators, and others. “For example, there is now a ban on women lifting loads of more than 15 kilograms without moving. However, nurses and medical workers transport bedridden patients who can weigh more, and often, at the same time, receive much less than men.”

And a law by the Russian Ministry of Labor had entered into force on January 1, 2021, approving an updated list of industries in which women’s work is limited, and it includes 100 elements, to replace a document that included 456 professions in which women’s work was not officially available, which was prevalent 20 years ago. .