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A 6.2-magnitude earthquake hits the Japanese capital


A 6.2-magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of the Japanese capital, Tokyo, yesterday, according to what the Japan Meteorological Agency announced, ruling out the risk of a tsunami.

The earthquake, whose epicenter was located at a depth of 50 kilometers, occurred at (10.03 GMT) in the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the Japanese Chiba region, and shook large buildings in the capital and led to the suspension of train services. The earthquake is about 30 seconds. The country’s nuclear authority stated that no malfunctions were detected at nuclear plants throughout the region.

“It was like standing on a boat floating on the surface of the water,” an announcer on NHK said after the quake.

Moments before Tokyo residents felt the tremor, Japan’s earthquake alert system alerted television stations to warn of the arrival of a possible strong tremor.