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6 injured as a car crashes into a crowd in Switzerland


Five children and a woman were injured when a car crashed into a crowd during a shooting festival in Switzerland, police said.

A woman who was seeking help for an injured child drove her car to the square in Minnier in the canton of Friborg in western Switzerland, the day before yesterday, where the shooting festival was held, and the car collided with a group of people, injuring a woman and five children, according to police. Fribourg.

Several ambulances transported the injured to the surrounding hospitals after the accident, which occurred shortly after 15:30 (13:30 GMT).

The police said: “Initial information indicates that the driver entered the festival square while transporting a child who was injured in a private activity, and for a reason to be determined by the investigation, she accidentally collided with people in the square and injured them before she stopped.”

The driver, who did not suffer any injuries, was taken to a police station for questioning.