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3 Israeli soldiers and a gunman were killed in an attack near the Egyptian border


The Israeli army announced, on Saturday, that 3 soldiers and a gunman were killed and two other soldiers were wounded, in a “security incident” that occurred near Israel’s southern border with Egypt.

And Israeli media reported that 3 soldiers were killed as a result of the clashes near the Egyptian border, in the area of ​​responsibility of the 80th Division, while the forces were trying to thwart smuggling activities in the area.

The Israeli army stated: “We are investigating what happened on the border with Egypt in cooperation with the Egyptian army, and we are in comprehensive talks with the Egyptian side.”

After the first incident, Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagri said, “A security incident occurred in the Faran regional district, injuring two people.”

Israeli Army Radio reported that at least one gunman opened fire on Israeli forces near the area at the Egyptian border, where two Israelis were shot earlier in the day as security forces worked to thwart smuggling activities.

The Israeli army sent large military reinforcements to the scene, and transferred the injured to Soroka Hospital with military helicopters, while the Israeli warplanes flew over the area.

The army said that an exchange of fire took place near the border with Egypt, shortly after the security incident.

It is not yet clear whether there is a connection between the two incidents and with whom the army exchanged fire.