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Anti-Israel protesters at the University of California-Los Angeles attempted to smuggle food into their tent camp using a robot courier, but police easily thwarted their efforts. The protesters set up barricades and a new encampment on campus, prompting dozens of police officers to arrive in response. Despite some protesters attempting to deliver supplies to those in the encampment, many were stopped by police and security.

The protesters at UCLA used available supplies like tables, metal fences, and wood to barricade themselves between two halls on campus. Campus security took up positions as the encampment grew, closing off all entrances and preventing supplies like food, water, and medicine from being delivered. A faculty member was stopped from bringing bags of food to the students in the encampment, as the university’s Office of Campus Safety had issued a lockdown directive.

As protesters continued to flock to campus, the UCLA Police Department responded to on-campus matters while the LAPD went on a citywide tactical alert. UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and other university leaders testified before congress on allowing protests and encampments on campus. The university received a low grade on its antisemitism report card from the Anti-Defamation League, and the police chief was reassigned following criticism of his handling of recent campus demonstrations.

The situation escalated on April 30 when counter-demonstrators swarmed the anti-Israel protesters, throwing traffic cones, using pepper spray, and tearing down barriers. The fighting continued for hours into the night before police intervened. Despite the chaos surrounding the anti-Israel protests at UCLA, supporters of the protesters and others unable to access the encampment attempted to deliver supplies using an autonomous robot delivery service, but were unsuccessful.

Protesters and supporters are determined to provide supplies to those in the encampment, but face resistance from law enforcement. While the university insists on containing the protest and limiting access to supplies, protesters continue to gather on campus. As tensions continue to rise and clashes between protesters and counter-demonstrators persist, the situation at UCLA remains uncertain. The university’s handling of protests and demonstrations has come under scrutiny, particularly regarding its response to the anti-Israel encampment on campus.

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