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A thief in New Mexico attempted to flee from police after stealing $230 worth of merchandise from a Walgreens store. The thief was quickly pursued by a mounted officer on a stallion, leading to an intense chase captured on bodycam footage. Bystanders cheered on the officer and his horse as they attempted to apprehend the suspect, who was dressed in all black and tried to outrun them across a parking lot and a three-lane roadway.

The suspect continued to evade capture by the mounted officer but eventually ran out of steam and attempted to briskly walk away from the pursuing horse. However, two other mounted officers and their horses cornered the suspect on a sidewalk, leading to his surrender. The officers were able to handcuff the suspect, later identified as 30-year-old Mark Chacon, who was charged with shoplifting, evading police on foot, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The entire chase lasted roughly one minute, showcasing the effectiveness of utilizing mounted officers in apprehending fleeing suspects.

The bodycam footage captured the excitement and intensity of the chase as the mounted officer and his stallion pursued the thief across various obstacles. Despite the suspect’s attempts to outrun the horse, he was eventually captured by law enforcement. The event drew a crowd of bystanders who cheered on the officer and his horse, emphasizing the unique and impressive display of police work.

This incident highlights the importance of utilizing mounted police officers in certain situations, as their ability to navigate different terrains and chase down suspects can be incredibly valuable. The quick response of the mounted officer in this case led to the apprehension of the thief and the recovery of stolen merchandise. The teamwork between the officers and their horses was key in capturing the suspect, demonstrating the effectiveness of this law enforcement strategy.

In conclusion, the actions of the mounted officer and his stallion in pursuing and apprehending a fleeing thief in New Mexico showcased the unique capabilities of utilizing horses in law enforcement. The thrilling chase, captured on bodycam footage, provided a real-life example of the valuable work that mounted officers can contribute to public safety. The successful resolution of the incident, resulting in the arrest of the suspect, highlights the importance of incorporating different tools and resources in police work to effectively combat crime and ensure public safety.

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