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Peruvian President Dina Boluarte came under investigation for alleged unlawful enrichment after news reports revealed her wearing expensive Rolex watches since taking office in December 2022. The police and prosecutors executed a surprise raid at her home and the presidential palace, searching for evidence related to the acquisition of the watches. President Boluarte failed to appear before prosecutors to explain how she obtained the watches and refused to allow them into her house to execute a search warrant, leading to accusations of rebellion from the Attorney General.

The investigation into President Boluarte began in March 2023 after reports surfaced that she had started wearing increasingly expensive watches, including Rolex models, and a $50,000 Cartier bracelet. There were also reports of large deposits of unknown origin into her personal accounts before she took office. While Boluarte denied any wrongdoing, she failed to provide a clear explanation for the Rolex watches, stating that they were “from long ago” and refusing to disclose how she obtained them. Her surrogates suggested alternative explanations, such as the watches being fake or received as gifts from an anonymous fan.

In a televised address, President Boluarte blamed news outlets for creating “smoke screens” and called on Peruvians to defend democracy. Her government faced criticism from allies and opposition alike, with some suggesting that the controversy over the Rolex watches could signify the end of her presidency. The economy in Peru was already struggling, and the scandal raised concerns about the stability of the government amid growing hunger in the country.

President Boluarte’s tenure has been marred by controversy since she took over from her impeached predecessor, Pedro Castillo, in 2022. Her decision to replace Castillo rather than resign as she had promised led to violent protests and accusations of human rights abuses. She is currently under investigation for her role in the crackdown on protests in late 2022 and early 2023. Boluarte’s popularity had plummeted, with an approval rating of just nine percent in a January poll, making her the least popular president in Latin America.

The parliament in Peru began considering a motion for President Boluarte’s impeachment, with lawmakers from different parties expressing concerns about her defense strategy and lack of transparency regarding the Rolex watches. The country has faced political turmoil in recent years, with several former presidents under investigation for corruption or human rights abuses. The situation surrounding Boluarte’s presidency has raised fears of further instability and uncertainty in the government.

The controversy over the Rolex watches is seen as a significant blow to President Boluarte’s already shaky government and could lead to a new round of political turmoil in Peru. The ongoing investigations into her administration’s alleged corruption and human rights abuses have raised concerns about the future of democracy in the country. The situation has also put a spotlight on issues of transparency, accountability, and governance in Peru, with calls for a more ethical and responsible leadership to address the challenges facing the nation.

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