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A police department in Lufkin, Texas received a surprising call about kangaroos on the loose, which led officers to respond to a report of a kangaroo hopping down Fuller Springs Drive. The bewildered caller could not find a number for animal control that was open and described the kangaroo crossing the road. Luckily, both kangaroos were returned safely to their residence, with the owner confirming their well-being in a Facebook post. The incident was unexpected and drew attention on social media, with many finding humor in the situation.

There were actually two kangaroos that had gotten loose that day, but both were okay and returned home safely. The owner, Shelby Lowery, expressed relief that her kangaroos were unharmed and thanked those who reached out about their brief escape. She shared her fear and concern during the ordeal, but was grateful to have her pets back home safely. The video of the call received a significant amount of views on Facebook, with many commenting on the unusual situation and the response from the Lufkin Police Department.

The Lufkin Police Department shared the amusing incident on social media, including a video from the police cruiser responding to the call and the audio of the 911 call reporting the kangaroo sighting. The department also updated their Facebook logo to feature a small kangaroo, adding a lighthearted touch to the story. Despite the unexpected nature of the call, the officers were able to handle the situation and ensure that the kangaroos were returned safely, much to the relief of their owner and those who followed the story online.

While kangaroos are native to Australia and New Guinea, it is legal to keep them as pets in Texas due to the similar climate that the state shares with Australia. The magazine Texas Monthly explained that the pet kangaroos have adapted well to their new surroundings in Texas. The incident in Lufkin highlighted the unique situation of having kangaroos as pets in the state and showcased the unexpected scenarios that law enforcement officers may encounter in their line of duty. The response from the community on social media showed a mix of amusement and appreciation for the successful resolution of the kangaroo escape.

The unexpected call about kangaroos on the loose in Lufkin, Texas captured the attention of many, with the video and audio of the incident being shared widely on social media. The humorous nature of the situation, combined with the efficient response from the police department, made for a memorable and lighthearted story that brought some laughter to those who came across it online. The owner of the kangaroos expressed her relief and gratitude for their safe return, emphasizing the importance of securing their enclosure to prevent future escapades. Overall, the incident served as a reminder that life can indeed be stranger than fiction, even in a small city like Lufkin, Texas.

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