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Chloe recently sat down for a conversation with Eva Chen, the vice president of fashion at Meta, who is known for being an author and a mother of three young children. Chloe was curious to know how Eva manages to juggle it all, given her busy schedule. Eva, it seems, is somewhat of a superhuman. She arrived at the studio after dropping her kids off at school, bearing vegan chocolates and granola made by her husband, Tom, for everyone in the podcast studio. Giving is an important part of Eva’s daily routine, which she shared while showing off her millennial pink habit-tracking folder and notebook, giving listeners a glimpse into her daily life.

The conversation between Chloe and Eva shifted to the fashion world, as they discussed the recent departure of Dries Van Noten from his namesake label, prompting the two of them to search The RealReal for some fashion finds. Eva, who had just returned from the Paris shows, shared her favorite moments with Chloe, highlighting shows from Loewe, Mugler, and Rabanne. She also discussed what it takes for a show to stand out on social media, revealing some insights into the world of high fashion and social media marketing.

Eva’s ability to balance her career, motherhood, and personal interests impressed Chloe, who couldn’t help but wonder how she managed to get it all done. Eva’s dedication to giving back and her meticulous habits, like tracking her daily activities in a pink folder and notebook, shed light on the organization and discipline required to maintain such a busy life. It seems that Eva’s success isn’t just about being superhuman, but also about having a systematic approach to managing her time and priorities.

As the conversation continued, Chloe and Eva touched on the importance of giving back and maintaining a sense of balance in a hectic world. Eva’s generosity in sharing vegan chocolates and granola with the podcast studio reflected her belief in the power of giving, even in small ways. Her dedication to causes she cares about, along with her successful career in the fashion industry, showed that it is possible to excel in multiple areas of life with the right mindset and habits.

Overall, Chloe’s conversation with Eva Chen provided a glimpse into the life of a successful executive, author, and mother. Eva’s ability to manage her time effectively, stay organized, and give back to others served as an inspiration for anyone looking to achieve work-life balance. Through her insights into the fashion world and social media, Eva shared valuable lessons on how to navigate a busy schedule while still finding time for personal interests and giving back to the community. Chloe’s admiration for Eva’s superhuman abilities was tempered by the realization that success is often a combination of hard work, dedication, and a systematic approach to managing priorities.

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