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Bungie has successfully generated excitement for the upcoming release of Destiny 2’s final Light and Darkness expansion, The Final Shape, as the game has seen a significant increase in player base and sales leading up to the launch. Despite the fact that the current season, Season of the Wish, was released back in November 2023, Destiny 2 has remained a popular choice among gamers, consistently appearing in Steam’s Top 10 most played games list with over 100,000 concurrent players each night. Bungie’s midseason update, “Into the Light,” introduced new content such as the horde mode Onslaught activity, the Pantheon challenge, reprised exotic missions, and new Crucible maps, contributing to the game’s success.

With the launch of “Into the Light,” Destiny 2’s player count more than doubled on Steam overnight and has continued to increase steadily over the past two months, setting the stage for a potential record-breaking launch of The Final Shape expansion. The game’s popularity has translated into strong sales, with Destiny 2 consistently ranking as the top-selling game on Steam in terms of revenue, surpassing even popular titles like CS2 on certain days. The surge in sales can be attributed to the increasing number of pre-orders for The Final Shape expansion, a stark contrast to earlier concerns within Bungie about low pre-order numbers.

Despite internal challenges within Bungie, such as lay-offs and concerns about leadership, the development team has remained dedicated to delivering high-quality content and engaging with the community. The employees at Bungie have expressed pride in their work on The Final Shape and are eager for players to experience the expansion. The positive reception and momentum leading up to the launch of The Final Shape indicate that Bungie is on the right track and poised for success. While the game’s performance and player retention after the expansion’s release will be crucial for the game’s long-term success, the current outlook appears promising.

Bungie’s ability to thrive under pressure and deliver exceptional content in challenging circumstances has been evident in the success of Destiny 2 leading up to The Final Shape expansion. The combination of engaging gameplay, new updates, and effective marketing has created a positive atmosphere around the game, setting the stage for a potentially groundbreaking launch. The dedication and enthusiasm of the Bungie employees, despite internal challenges, have been a driving force behind the game’s success and the anticipation surrounding The Final Shape expansion. Overall, Destiny 2 appears to be in a strong position as it prepares for the release of its final expansion.

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