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Peru’s President Dina Boluarte is facing scrutiny over her ownership of luxury watches, which has led to calls for her removal from office. A Cabinet reshuffle was announced as lawmakers filed a request to remove Boluarte from office due to alleged illicit enrichment. The Attorney General’s Office has instructed Boluarte to show them the watches on Friday, despite denying her request to move up her interview date. The latest appointments were made for ministers of interior, education, women, agriculture, production, and foreign trade in an attempt to stabilize Boluarte’s presidency amid sinking popularity and investigations against her.

Despite the Cabinet shakeup, experts believe that it will not significantly impact Boluarte’s standing with the public or the likelihood of impeachment. Market research firm Ipsos has recorded Boluarte’s unpopularity rate at 88% in March. Boluarte is under investigation for allegedly acquiring luxury watches that she did not declare in an asset disclosure form. The request to remove her from office also cites rising crime and other countrywide issues, prompting concerns about her ability to govern effectively.

Lawmakers have submitted to Parliament a request to remove Boluarte from office, which will be considered on Thursday. In order for this move to be successful, 87 votes are required from the 130-seat unicameral Parliament. So far, five parties have expressed support for Boluarte following the raid on her residence where police searched for the watches. This raid marked the first time in Peru’s history that police forcibly entered the home of a sitting president, adding to the political turmoil in the country.

The investigation into Boluarte’s ownership of luxury watches began in mid-March after she was seen wearing a Rolex watch worth up to $14,000 in Peru. Boluarte has not provided any comments or clarifications regarding the watches, including their authenticity. She has denied the allegations of illicit enrichment and faces a preliminary investigation in addition to being scrutinized for her role in protests that occurred following the dismissal of then-President Pedro Castillo, who is now imprisoned for alleged corruption and rebellion.

Peru has experienced numerous presidential crises in recent years, with no president completing a full term since 2016. The country has gone through three presidents in a week in 2020 due to lawmakers’ use of impeachment powers. If Boluarte is charged with illicit enrichment, prosecutors will have to defer prosecution until after her term ends in 2026. Despite the challenges Boluarte is facing, she and her allies in Congress are attempting to weather the storm and prevent further political crises in Peru.

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