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The price of the Pepe (PEPE) meme coin has been increasing significantly, with a 30% increase in the past 7 days, leading investors to speculate whether 100x gains are possible. Pepe is currently trading around $0.00001350 with a market cap of $5.7 billion. A 100x increase would see Pepe reaching a market cap of $570 billion, which many experts deem unlikely in the short-term. Comparing it to Ethereum, the cryptocurrency with a $450 billion market cap, it seems unlikely that Pepe will reach such high levels in the near future. Despite this, the outlook for Pepe remains positive as traders continue to buy the meme coin in anticipation of Ethereum ETF approvals from the SEC.

Traders are optimistic about the potential growth of Pepe, with many betting on it as a major beneficiary of the accelerated growth of the Ethereum ecosystem. Although Pepe’s market cap is currently 4x lower than Dogecoin’s, there is still room for growth as Dogecoin could potentially 2 or 3x this bull market. If Pepe catches up to Dogecoin, it could see gains of up to 10x from its current price, potentially reaching $0.00010. Investors looking for alternative meme coins with potential for higher gains may consider Dogeverse (DV), a new meme coin with unique cross-chain capabilities that is generating excitement in the market. Dogeverse aims to become the multi-chain equivalent of Dogecoin and is launching on the six most popular blockchains, excluding Bitcoin.

Investors seeking larger gains of 50-100x may see Dogeverse as a promising opportunity. The meme coin is currently in presale and has raised over $15 million, indicating strong interest from investors. Dogeverse’s cross-chain bridging capabilities set it apart from other meme coins and give it the potential to be a “Doge with superpowers.” With its official launch approaching, interested investors are advised to act quickly to secure their position in Dogeverse before its value potentially increases further. Overall, while the possibility of 100x gains for Pepe may be ambitious, the meme coin market continues to be active with opportunities for investors to explore alternative meme coins like Dogeverse with the potential for significant growth.

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