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Matchmaker Patti Stanger shared her thoughts on the potential reconciliation of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley and her estranged husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley. The couple announced their separation after nine years of marriage, citing struggles they have faced over the years. Dorit explained that their decision was made in order to safeguard their deep friendship and create a harmonious environment for their two children, Jagger and Phoenix. Despite their challenges, they expressed their love for each other and asked for support as they navigate this difficult time.

Dorit and PK had faced relationship troubles in the past, including incidents where PK questioned Dorit’s PTSD following a home invasion. Despite these challenges, the couple had previously denied rumors of any separation or divorce. However, they made the difficult decision to take some time apart and reevaluate their relationship, wanting to prioritize their children. Dorit acknowledged the difficulties they were facing and simply stated, “S–t happens,” in response to their situation. It remains unclear whether Dorit and PK are hoping to reconcile in the future or if a reunion is a possibility for them.

In a previous interview, Dorit had discussed the challenges they had faced together as a couple, noting that they had been open about their struggles on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Dorit emphasized that they had both gone through personal challenges, which contributed to the difficulties in their marriage. It is evident that both Dorit and PK are committed to working through their issues and are seeking to create a healthy environment for their children while they reevaluate their relationship. The couple has yet to disclose any further information about their future plans or whether a reconciliation is on the table.

Patti Stanger offered her perspective on the situation, suggesting that if Dorit were to go back to PK, she would be making a mistake. Stanger jokingly pretended to slice her neck, emphasizing her opinion that going back to a partner who has caused past issues may not be the best decision. Stanger advised taking the process of reconciling with an ex-partner slowly, highlighting the importance of both individuals doing the necessary work to address underlying issues in the relationship. She shared a personal experience where she realized that certain behaviors from her ex made her realize why they had broken up, which ultimately led her to move on.

The public response to Dorit and PK’s separation announcement was mixed, with fans expressing concern and support for the couple as they navigate this challenging time. Dorit had previously shared insights into their relationship struggles, indicating that they had been through difficult times together. Stanger’s comments on the situation added another perspective to the discussion, highlighting the complexities involved in reconciling with a former partner. As Dorit and PK continue to work through their issues and prioritize their children, the future of their relationship remains uncertain. Despite the challenges they face, the couple is committed to creating a positive co-parenting environment and maintaining a deep friendship as they assess the next steps in their relationship.

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