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Patrick Mahomes takes partial credit for his teammate Travis Kelce’s romance with Taylor Swift, revealing that he introduced Kelce to Swift by inviting him to a concert and encouraging him to go for it. Kelce famously attended one of Swift’s concerts armed with a DIY friendship bracelet with his phone number spelled out, but initially faced rejection before ultimately getting in touch with the pop star and starting a relationship. Swift and Kelce took their romance public in September 2023, with Swift attending several of Kelce’s NFL games and supporting him during his Super Bowl victory.

Following the Super Bowl, Swift and Kelce have been navigating their relationship during their respective work commitments, making detailed plans to stay together despite the long distances. Kelce has supported Swift at her European Eras shows, while Swift has incorporated Travis-coded songs into her setlist. Despite the deep care Kelce has for Swift, he is not currently planning to propose, as marriage is something he takes very seriously and wants to carefully consider before taking that step. Their relationship is strong, but they are not rushing into anything just yet.

The couple’s relationship began after Kelce was inspired to pursue Swift following her rejection of his friendship bracelet, and the two have since spent time getting to know each other outside of the public eye. Swift and Kelce have showcased their support for each other during important moments, with Kelce attending Swift’s shows and Swift cheering on Kelce at his football games. The couple appears to be managing the challenges of long-distance and busy schedules, with plans in place to ensure their relationship continues to thrive.

Kelce and Swift have shared their relationship milestones with the public through interviews and appearances, with Kelce praising Swift’s concerts and encouraging others to attend. Swift, on the other hand, has expressed her gratitude for the time they had to get to know each other privately before going public with their romance. The couple seems to be enjoying their time together, attending each other’s events and supporting each other in their respective careers.

Despite the public nature of their relationship, Kelce and Swift are taking a cautious approach to their future, with Kelce not currently considering marriage as something he wants to rush into. The couple has plans in place to navigate their busy schedules and maintain their connection despite the challenges of living in different cities. Kelce cares deeply for Swift and wants to ensure that any future steps in their relationship are made thoughtfully and with careful consideration. Their love story, which began with a simple friendship bracelet, appears to be growing slowly and steadily as they continue to support and celebrate each other’s successes.

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