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Pastor James Ward of INSIGHT Church near Chicago shared reflections on key verses from the First Letter of John, believed to have been written by John the apostle. These verses offer key lessons about love, which Ward sees as the remedy for evil. He emphasized the importance of understanding the origin and nature of evil, as well as the power of love to combat it. Ward believes it is time to call individuals back to love and to the teachings found in God’s Word.

According to Ward, evil is a human problem that affects people regardless of their religious beliefs. He noted that while people may be unified in recognizing the existence of evil, they remain divided on how to respond to it. In response to this, Ward believes in the importance of individual responsibility to love and allowing God’s love to work through us to combat evil. He highlighted three actions outlined in the First Letter of John that can help individuals demonstrate God’s love and stop the force of evil.

The first action Ward discussed is to believe in love, emphasizing the importance of knowing and believing in the love that God has for each person. He compared this to securing an oxygen mask before helping others on a plane. The next action is to be loved, which involves personally receiving and accepting God’s love despite feelings of being unlovable. Ward reminded individuals of God’s ultimate act of love in sending Jesus to defeat evil and show His love for humanity.

The third action Ward discussed is to be a lover, which he defined as total giving. He emphasized the importance of believing and receiving God’s love for oneself before being able to love others effectively. Ward expressed his belief that there is a lack of love in the world today because many people have not fully embraced God’s love for themselves. In light of the existing evil in the world, he called upon the American people to do their part in spreading love and making America a more loving place.

Ward’s message is centered on the power of love to combat evil and the importance of individuals believing in and receiving God’s love in order to be able to love others fully. He stressed the need for people to take responsibility for spreading love and understanding the teachings found in the Bible. Ward’s reflections on the verses from the First Letter of John serve as a reminder of the transformative power of God’s love in the face of evil and the importance of individuals embracing this love in their own lives.

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