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Severe storms continue to impact Oklahoma, with a tornado warning issued for northern Noble and southern Kay counties. The National Weather Service in Norman described the conditions as similar to a “gasoline-soaked brush pile” and warned of the potential for large hail, dangerous winds, and tornadoes. The excessive heat in South Texas is also a concern, with temperatures expected to approach 120 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas over the long holiday weekend. This dangerous heatwave is attributed to a heat dome stretching from Mexico to South America, bringing record highs for late May to cities like Austin, Brownsville, Dallas, and San Antonio.

The region is also experiencing Red Flag fire warnings due to very low humidity and strong winds, creating high fire danger in parts of West Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Colorado. Snowfall in Rolla, North Dakota, near the Canadian border, stands in contrast to the severe weather seen in other parts of the country. The Midwest has been particularly hard hit by tornadoes in April and May, with the United States experiencing the second-highest number of tornadoes on record for the month of April. Climate change is exacerbating the severity of storms globally, with the Storm Prediction Center in Norman reporting that the country is already 25% ahead of the average number of tornadoes for 2024.

Iowa recently experienced a deadly tornado in Greenfield, along with flooding and wind damage in other parts of the state. The storm system responsible for these severe weather events is expected to move east over the Memorial Day weekend, potentially affecting the Indianapolis 500 auto race in Indiana and bringing more severe storms to Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky. The risk of severe weather is forecasted to extend to North Carolina and Virginia on Monday as the system progresses eastward. It is advised for individuals in these areas to take precautionary measures if planning to spend time outdoors during this time.

As the severe weather and heatwave continue to impact various parts of the country, individuals are urged to stay informed and prepared for changing conditions. The unpredictability of storms and extreme temperatures highlights the importance of heeding warnings from meteorologists and authorities. With climate change contributing to the severity of weather events, it is crucial for communities to prioritize resilience and adaptation strategies to mitigate the impacts of such incidents. As Memorial Day weekend progresses, vigilance and caution are key to ensuring safety amid hazardous weather conditions.

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