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The city of Perth recently approved an extension of free parking after 6pm until April 2025, as the initiative has proven to be a success for the city. The decision to extend the free parking was made in light of the upcoming launch of the City of Perth’s new campaign. However, it is known that this free parking perk cannot last forever, and the city will conduct a comprehensive review to determine if the initiative should be extended beyond April 2025.

The city also announced a daytime rate hike to bring parking costs in line with the user fee charged by the EasyPark app, operated by the EasyPark Group. This increase aims to encourage visitors to adopt the technology and reduce costs associated with the city’s parking infrastructure, which has recently been upgraded for cashless and ticketless transactions. The city is expected to generate an extra $700,000 in revenue this financial year and $4.3 million in the next year with this increase.

In addition to the free parking after 6pm and the daytime rate hike, the city offers other perks such as three hours of free parking at selected city-owned facilities on weekends and public holidays. However, these perks have cost the city $4.2 million, and the city is facing an operations cost hike of $4.1 million. The last time the city increased its CPP parking fees was in late 2022, with hourly rates going up by 50 cents and day rates increasing by $1 – the first change since 2018.

The decision to extend free parking after 6pm and implement a daytime rate hike is part of the city’s efforts to manage its parking infrastructure and generate additional revenue. By encouraging visitors to use the EasyPark app and adopting new technologies, the city aims to streamline its parking operations and reduce costs. The comprehensive review of the parking perk will help determine the sustainability of these initiatives beyond April 2025, balancing the benefits for the city with the need to manage costs efficiently.

Overall, the city of Perth is focused on maintaining a balance between offering attractive parking perks for visitors and managing the financial sustainability of its parking infrastructure. The extension of free parking after 6pm until April 2025 and the daytime rate hike are part of the city’s efforts to generate additional revenue and streamline its parking operations. By conducting a comprehensive review and evaluating the impact of these initiatives, the city aims to make informed decisions on the future of its parking policies. As the city continues to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances, it remains committed to providing a positive parking experience for its residents and visitors.

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