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Paris Hilton and her husband Carter Reum recently took to the skies in a private jet with their two children, 16-month-old son Phoenix and 6-month-old daughter London. Paris shared several behind-the-scenes videos of their family vacation, including one where she cuddled her daughter in a cozy pink blanket with her famous catchphrase, “That’s hot.” In another video, Paris could be seen sitting with her daughter on her lap, as someone on the jet asked London to say the catchphrase, resulting in a high-pitched response from the baby and lots of laughs.

The children seemed to be enjoying the flight, with London snuggling a pink Care Bear toy and the siblings each wrapped in their own unique burrito blankets. Paris also posted a video of Phoenix in a blue onesie relaxing in his carrier, accompanied by the song “Lovely Day.” The family landed at their destination, and Paris was seen pushing Phoenix’s stroller with his burrito blanket on top as they entered a hotel. Inside the hotel room, London was shown laying on a bed while Phoenix crawled around and pulled himself up to walk alongside the bed.

Throughout the clips, Paris’s husband Carter Reum made appearances, watching over London and dancing with Phoenix in his arms. Despite sharing their family moments on social media, Paris revealed during The Wall Street Journal’s The Future of Everything Festival that she intends to keep her children away from smartphones and social media for as long as possible. She expressed concerns about children being exposed to inappropriate content online and joked about being a strict mom when it comes to technology use for her kids.

Paris Hilton’s videos of her family jetting off in style and enjoying their vacation showcase the bond between the siblings, as well as the love and care Paris and Carter provide for their children. The images of cozy blankets, Care Bears, and playful moments on the private jet give a glimpse into the luxurious yet family-oriented lifestyle of the Hilton-Reum household. Paris may be known for her glamorous public persona, but behind the scenes, she prioritizes her children’s well-being and protection from the potentially harmful aspects of the digital world.

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