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Parenting can be a contentious subject, with many different trends and philosophies on how to raise children. Some parents disagree with the pressure placed on kids to excel in sports, believing that there is too much focus on success rather than enjoyment. Others feel strongly about the importance of modeling good behavior for children, such as managing screen time and demonstrating patience and discipline. Additionally, the trend of extravagant birthday parties and oversharing children’s lives on social media can be a point of contention for some parents.

Shaming other mothers for their choices regarding feeding their children is another trend that many parents disagree with. It is important to respect and support each other in the various decisions made in parenting. Apologizing when mistakes are made is also seen as crucial, as children learn a lot from seeing parents take responsibility for their actions and make amends. Additionally, some parents believe that it is harmful to make a child’s entire identity revolve around their extracurricular activities, as it can put unnecessary pressure on them.

Parents who never say no to their children can be seen as avoiding an important aspect of parenting, which is teaching children responsibility and the importance of following rules. The trend of the “sad beige mom” who neglects to provide color and stimulation in their child’s environment is concerning to some parents, who believe that a child’s development and well-being are impacted by their surroundings. The use of surveillance and tracking apps on children can also be detrimental to their independence and growth, as it can lead to a lack of trust and autonomy as they get older.

Allowing children to experience boredom can be seen as beneficial, as it encourages creativity and independence. Teaching children proper manners and behavior, as well as providing structure and discipline, are also important aspects of parenting that some parents feel are not emphasized enough in certain trends. Pushing academics on young children and helicopter parenting are also trends that some parents disagree with, as they can hinder a child’s ability to develop autonomy and problem-solving skills.

Ultimately, finding a balance between gentle parenting and permissive parenting is key to raising well-rounded and responsible children. It is important to treat children with respect while also providing them with guidance and boundaries to help them navigate the world. Each parent may have their own opinions on various parenting trends, but at the core, the goal is to raise happy, healthy, and well-adjusted children.

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