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Padma Lakshmi, former Top Chef host, emphasizes balance in staying in shape by not depriving herself, working out regularly, and being kind to her body while comparing herself only to herself, not others. She enjoys lifting weights, boxing, jump roping, and doing ab exercises. Lakshmi’s busy schedule filming Top Chef made it difficult to stay in shape, as she consumed 5,000 to 8,000 calories a day while judging contestants’ dishes. She typically gained 10 to 17 pounds each season, which took her 12 weeks to lose after filming.

To prepare for the Emmy Awards each year, Lakshmi followed a strict diet of no meat, wheat, cheese, fried foods, sweets, or alcohol, along with two hours of exercise daily. She has received 16 Emmy nominations for Top Chef. However, after noticing her daughter Krishna picking up her dieting habits, Lakshmi decided to shift her focus away from weight loss and towards promoting a healthy body image. She expressed pride in her daughter on her 14th birthday and emphasized the importance of not measuring worth by dress size.

Lakshmi’s decision to leave Top Chef after 17 years was influenced by her desire for more time with her daughter and the need for a personal life. She admitted to lacking a relationship due to her busy work schedule and the environment of people she is surrounded by. Lakshmi expressed hopes of meeting someone once she has more free time. For more insights into celebrities’ fitness and healthy living habits, viewers can watch the video above and read the latest issue of Us Weekly.

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