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Zach Wilson, the 2021 first-round draft pick of the New York Jets, was granted permission to seek a trade last month, leading to speculation that his time with the team might be coming to an end. However, team owner Woody Johnson recently stated that Wilson could still remain with the Jets if a trade partner is not found. Johnson mentioned that there is a possibility that Wilson could learn from Aaron Rodgers in the upcoming season if he stays with the team. Despite this, Johnson also acknowledged that it might be better for Wilson to move on to a new team and start fresh.

While speaking at the NFL owners meetings, Johnson expressed his belief that last year would have been beneficial for Wilson to sit back and observe a seasoned quarterback in action, something he has not had the opportunity to do. Johnson commended Wilson’s skills and expressed confidence that he would eventually reach his potential. Despite this, he also admitted that a change of scenery might be beneficial for Wilson, allowing him to start anew and wipe the slate clean. Johnson’s comments suggest that the Jets are considering all options regarding Wilson’s future with the team.

Johnson’s remarks at the NFL Honors last month seemed to criticize Wilson and the team’s offensive struggles. However, he clarified his comments on Monday, emphasizing that the quarterback position is just one component of a successful offense. He stressed that without a solid offensive line and support from the entire team, it is difficult for any quarterback to perform at their best. Johnson’s comments reflect a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by the team and indicate a willingness to work towards improving the overall performance on offense.

Wilson’s tenure with the Jets has been marked by challenges, including multiple benchings, a negative touchdown to interception ratio, and a losing record as a starting quarterback. Despite being drafted second overall out of BYU, Wilson has faced criticism and struggles on the field. The future of his career with the Jets remains uncertain, with potential trade options being explored. Wilson’s performance will likely have a significant impact on the team’s decision-making moving forward, as they evaluate their options for the upcoming season.

In conclusion, Woody Johnson’s recent comments shed light on the complex situation surrounding Zach Wilson’s future with the New York Jets. While there is a possibility that Wilson could stay with the team and learn from more experienced players, there is also acknowledgment that a change of scenery might benefit him. Johnson’s emphasis on the role of the entire team in supporting the quarterback highlights the importance of a cohesive and well-rounded offense. As Wilson’s future remains undecided, it will be interesting to see how the situation unfolds in the coming weeks and what decisions the Jets ultimately make regarding their young quarterback.

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