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An Oregon man, Shane Reimche, narrowly escaped death when a runaway saw blade flew through a parking lot and lodged into a building as he was entering a store. The incident was captured on surveillance footage, showing the nearly 4-foot blade skidding across the pavement and narrowly missing Reimche as he ducked behind a counter just in time to avoid being hit. The impact of the blade was so powerful that it shook the entire store, leaving Reimche and the store owner, Amit Grewal, shaken by the experience.

The deadly blade had broken loose from a nearby construction site owned by Northwest Natural Gas and contracted by Brix Paving Northwest and Integrity Traffic. A witness mentioned that a bolt may have come loose or there was an operator error while fixing a leaky gas valve, resulting in the blade becoming a dangerous projectile. Despite the scary incident, no one was injured, and the gas company expressed relief that no one was harmed in the bizarre occurrence. The piece of surveillance footage shows the blade lodged into the wall just outside the store’s entrance, leaving Reimche terrified and emotional after narrowly avoiding a tragic accident.

Reimche described the terrifying moment when the blade came hurtling towards him, recounting how he heard a loud bang and saw a cloud of smoke as the blade approached. He credited his quick thinking and ability to duck behind the counter for saving his life. The impact of the blade was so significant that it left him shaking and in need of a break, stating that he felt it was a close call and likely would not have survived if he had been hit by the blade. The store owner also expressed shock at the incident, noting how the metal rolling and loud bang had left them all startled inside the store.

The emotional aftermath of the near-death experience left Reimche shaken and grateful to be alive. He recounted the terrifying moments and how it had affected him, especially emotionally as he hugged his kids tight after the incident. The shock of the incident left him unable to work that day, feeling the need to reflect on his close call and spend time with his loved ones. The saw blade narrowly missing him and lodging into the building was a terrifying experience that had a significant impact on both Reimche and the store owner, who were both grateful that nobody was harmed.

The investigation into the incident revealed that a contractor working on behalf of the gas company was likely at fault for the blade breaking loose and becoming a dangerous projectile. The bolt possibly coming loose or an error by the operator while working on fixing a gas valve were identified as potential causes of the incident. Northwest Natural Gas released a statement expressing their relief that nobody was injured in the bizarre accident and mentioning the contractors involved. The shock and horror of the incident left both Reimche and the store owner shaken and grateful to have escaped unharmed.

The footage of the saw blade narrowly missing Reimche and lodging into the building highlighted the potential dangers of construction sites and the importance of safety protocols. The nearly tragic accident served as a wake-up call for those involved and a reminder of how quickly life can change in unexpected ways. Reimche’s ability to react quickly and avoid being hit by the blade saved his life, leaving him with a newfound appreciation for his loved ones and the fragility of life. The incident serves as a reminder to prioritize safety in construction sites to prevent accidents like this one from occurring in the future.

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