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Bret Stephens and Gail Collins discuss various political issues, such as the Democratic Party losing support among nonwhite voters and Donald Trump’s appeal as an entertainer. They agree that Democrats need to reach out to working-class voters and not treat Trump supporters with contempt. They also criticize Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attempt to oust Mike Johnson as House speaker.

They also discuss Texas managing its own border policy, noting that while it is a federal responsibility, Governor Greg Abbott’s hard-line policies have deterred migrants from coming through Texas. They highlight the need for a bipartisan approach to address the border and immigration issue, which was sabotaged by Trump. They predict that how the migrant crisis is handled could impact the outcome of the November election.

They also touch on Trump’s controversial statements regarding the January 6 Capitol rioters, and his potential comeback in the political arena. They express concern that Biden’s administration has made mistakes by tacking to the left instead of the center on certain issues, and by using the Justice Department to go after Trump. They suggest that a more centrist approach might have been more effective.

The conversation shifts to the upcoming elections, with a focus on Democrat Sherrod Brown’s Senate seat in Ohio. Both Stephens and Collins express support for Brown, highlighting his positive qualities despite their ideological differences. They criticize the idea of supporting a less favorable Republican candidate in order to achieve political goals, emphasizing the importance of honorable opponents in politics.

In summary, Stephens and Collins engage in a lively discussion about various political topics, from voter demographics to border policies to the upcoming elections. They offer differing perspectives but ultimately share a desire for bipartisan cooperation and respectful engagement with political opponents. Their conversation highlights the complexity of political issues and the importance of thoughtful, nuanced dialogue in addressing them.

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