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Marjorie Taylor Greene, a controversial Georgia congresswoman, recently stirred up attention by mocking a Democratic colleague’s eyelashes and spreading a conspiracy theory about a deep state plot to assassinate Donald Trump. Despite her antics, many Republican officials have distanced themselves from her, signaling a potential shift in her political trajectory. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, also from Georgia, likened her behavior to that of a disruptive guest at a family dinner, suggesting that she may need to change her approach in order to achieve greater success.

Many politicians start their careers as outsiders seeking to disrupt the political establishment, but eventually learn the value of collaboration and compromise in order to achieve legislative goals. Some, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have successfully navigated the transition from outsider to insider, while others, like Greene, have opted to prioritize outrage politics over building relationships within their party. Gingrich advised Greene to focus on solutions, work collaboratively with others, and develop patience in order to be taken more seriously in Congress.

Greene briefly showed signs of pursuing a more mainstream approach last summer by working with party leadership and voting in favor of bipartisan legislation, but quickly returned to her disruptive ways. Gingrich noted that Greene’s inconsistency and tendency to prioritize attention-grabbing behavior over building relationships could lead to her being sidelined in Congress. If she wants to attain real power and influence, she may need to reassess her approach to politics and focus on long-term goals rather than short-term attention.

Although Greene may continue to thrive as a symbol of the extreme wing of her party, her disruptive behavior and tendency to retreat to the “easy path” could ultimately limit her effectiveness and impact within Congress. If she hopes to achieve lasting success and avoid being marginalized, she may need to shift her focus towards collaboration, compromise, and building positive relationships with her colleagues. Ultimately, the choice is hers, and the consequences of her actions will determine her political future.

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